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60 Free Ways to Show Random Acts of Kindness for Teens

Too often in our society we get caught up in our everyday activities. Random Acts of Kindness Week is the perfect opportunity for our youth to demonstrate acts of kindness to others.

Here are a few FREE random acts of kindness that teens  can use to show acts of kindness…

  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  2. Give up your seat on the bus or subway for someone who looks tired.
  3. Write a nice note to someone with whom you are acquainted.
  4. Give a compliment for no reason.
  5. Invite someone sitting alone to sit with you at lunch.Teen-sitting-alone
  6. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  7. Donate old cell phones domestic violence survivors. Any phone can be donated to your local Verizon store.
  8. Donate a cell phone to the cell phones to Operation Gratitude.
  9. Click on Each time you click on the website, their sponsors donate to a cause.
  10. Volunteer to help with a school event.
  11. Help raise money for a charitable foundation.
  12. Collect Box Tops for Education for your school. They can be turned into your schools PTA.
  13. Say, “good morning” to an adult in the building.
  14. Say, “thank you” to an adult that has helped you at school.
  15. Give someone a hug, who looks like they are having a bad day. (With their permission).
  16. Stand up for someone who is being teased or bullied.
  17. Throw trash away and don’t leave it on the ground.
  18. Tweet a complement to a friend.
  19. Text a compliment to a family member.
  20. Write a supportive message in a group chat.
  21. Listen to someone who is feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
  22. Write a complement to a classmate you don’t usually speak.
  23. Write a letter to a deployed or wounded member of the military through Operation Gratitude.
  24. Tell a corny joke to someone who is having a bad day.
  25. Create a food pantry for others who may be in need of food.
  26. Check out the website It lists different ways you can do, donate, and help others.
  27. Create a clothing pantry for those in need of every day clothing and interview suits.
  28. Reach out to that friend or family member who you have been meaning to call, but have not had time to catch-up.
  29. Volunteer at any kind of shelter. Volunteer
  30. Check out the Lala. It’s an app that donates to charity when you open tabs on your browser.
  31. Share a snack with someone who may be hungry.
  32. Allow someone to help you, even if you don’t like being or asking for help. (It makes others feel good).
  33. Use Goodsearch, to search the internet, play games or answer survey questions. The for profit company donates a portion of all advertising revenue to charity (50% of revenue or 1 cent for each search).
  34. Introduce yourself to  student that you do not know.
  35. Share your gift with others. It can be a(n)…
    • Art project
    • Song
    • Short story
    • Dance
    • Poem
  36. Help up someone up who has fallen.
  37. Offer to babysit for a family member or neighbor. (They would be more appreciative than you know).
  38. Visit an older family member and spend some time with them.
  39. Share with someone why they are important or special to you.
  40. Help someone carry heavy bags.
  41. Send someone an e-card to say thank you or to cheer them up.
  42. Read to a younger child.
  43. Make a gift for someone. There are lots of DIY projects you can find online by using found materials.
  44. Forgive someone.
  45. Study with a friend who may need some extra help in a subject. Homework-help
  46. Give someone a pound or high-five for doing a good job.
  47. Have a conversation with someone who is standing alone at a social event.
  48. Spend time with and listen to a story from the elderly. (They have had amazing lives. You can learn a lot from them).
  49. Write a get well card for someone in the hospital.
  50. Pick up trash on the ground and throw it away.
  51. Write a note to someone in a hospice care.
  52. Help a teacher clean-up the mess left in the classroom after the class leaves.
  53. Shovel the sidewalk for a neighbor.
  54. Click on Goodsearch and check out their programs. Each time you search the web, shop online, they will make a donation to your favorite cause.
  55. Send a thank you e-card to someone.
  56. Give a compliment to someone, just because.
  57. Help a younger sibling.
  58. Do a chore around the house without being asked.
  59. Teach someone something new to them.
  60. Send a “pay it forward message!”

What are other free acts of kindness? Please share your ideas!

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