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All About Informed Decisions Blog !

INFORMED DECISIONS BLOG allows my to right about my experiences, current trends, ideas, and best practices from learned mistakes.

For nearly two decades I started compiling resources and activities (some may call this hoarding, but I just call it building resources)!  Through research, pilot testing, and successful implementation of these activities and programs, I’ve used the what I’ve learned to inform best practices in engaging, guiding, and supporting multicultural urban youth in making informed decisions about their lives.

In this field we can’t expect to be millionaires, (real talk) but we can expect that one of the most rewarding, is seeing how the work we do can change the lives of those around us for the better. As an educator or social service provider, you can expect that in your role you’ll have many roles and responsibilities and face the challenges of limited time and resources – which can be overwhelming.

Informed Decisions Blog offers resources and information to alleviate some feelings of being overwhelmed.

Here, you will find information, tips, tools, and resources on;

  • Work Readiness
  • Addressing life, social, and emotional skills
  • Classroom and group management
  • Cultural Competency
  • Connecting with multicultural youth populations (with a primary focus on teens)
  • College Exploration
  • Program Development


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I learned awhile back, I learned that not all teachers and counselors as passionate about creating educational resources on social-emotional, and life-skills for high/middle school students the way that I am. So, I started creating resources to address that “teachable moment” or the inappropriate social behavior that keeps showing up in classrooms and around the school. This way you can easily address these needs of your students with fun, interactive, engaging, and student approved lesson plans without feeling overwhelmed by trying to create something new in your already non-existent planning time.


Has many of my go-to items and the best information for working with teens and young adults. I have boards on a variety of topics from classroom management, College and Career Exploration to Life-Social, and Emotional Skills Activities. I am adding new ones all the time!


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